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Cat`Food (WAV)
Comedy - Hi Mom, I'm in Jail (MP3)
Flowers "Neil Dimond" NOT (WAV)
The Man Song (WAV)
Muppet Show - Pigs in Space (MP3)
Rogaine (WAV)
Tow Yard Complaint (WAV)
Bomb Iraq (WAV)
Little Feat - Dixie Chicken (MP3)
Comedy - Chicken Dance (Techno Remix) (MP3)
Chickity Chinese Chicken - Jerky Boys (MP3)
Aquabats - Magic Chicken! (MP3)
A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off (MP3)
Happy Chickens (Kirksta Party To Go Mix) (MP3)
Eye of the Chicken (MP3)

If you have any funny sound clips please send them to me. info@deadchicken.com

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